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Zsolnay Guesthouse


Zsolnay Quarter

Zsolnay Cultural Quarter declared to be a Hungaricum (a unique Hungarian product or attraction) in 2014, undoubtedly stands out.

This is where the Zsolnay family, known of porcelain production, used to live in the 19-20th century. On the area of their world-renowned ceramic, the Zsolnay heritage lives on with a new content in a worthy manner, at the a beautifully restored 5-hectare area of land. A total of 15 protected historic buildings and 88 public Zsolnay statues feature the scenic parks and promenades. Every square meter of the quarter holds so many attractions as well as cozy cafes, craft shops and on high-quality restaurants.


Zsolnay Quarter includes the unique exhibitions presenting the Zsolnay heritage. The collection of an estimated value of two HUF billions of Dr. László Gyugyi returned from America, and the exhibition where it is displayed is called the Golden Age of Zsolnay. The earliest Zsolnay products are presented at the Pink Exhibition, including some 1,200 objects. These two are made complete by the Family and Factory History Exhibition. On the hill, near the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, the Zsolnay Mausoleum, with 42 lions guarding the secret of eosin, the resting place of the Zsolnay family can be visited in its original splendour.

In addition to preserving the past, displaying the present and the presentation of contemporary art will also receive a big role: this is the function of Pécs Gallery m21 and the popular E78 concert hall where music and theater performances entertain the audience. Visitors can choose from a selection special local products in the street of craft stores. In the Quarter, there are a lot of interesting attractions to offer for children, including outdoor playgrounds, the Lab – an Interactive Magical Space, the Planetarium, the Magic Clock (spectacular physics experiments), Bóbita Puppet theatre, the ceramic painting workshop and the classes at the Hercules workshop.

The revived legend of Pécs awaits visitors all year round!